Fashion Design Awards

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Entering the Hokonui Fashion Design Awards had been on Sonya Leusink Sladen's mind for 15 years. She finally went for it this year.

Her perseverance paid off; she won the category "recycling" with her entry Silk Purse, Oily Rag.

Leusink Sladen said she had put entering the awards on her bucket list and winning was the icing on the cake.

"I went a bit nutty, the kids thought I lost the plot," she said on hearing of her win.

"I smacked my husband in the chops out of excitement."

Leusink Sladen said she entered the "recycling" category because she was passionate about fashion and particularly interested in sustainable fashion.

Her entry consisted of pants, a shirt and a coat, all made from curtain material.

"I used recycled brass hooks instead of buttons and button holes, and made earrings and a belt loop out of the brown curtain rings."

Leusink Sladen said her sewing skills had massively improved during the process.

"I had a basic foundation of sewing, I could maybe do a seam or a simple skirt.

"It was a pressure cooker situation and when you have a design idea and you want to realise it you have to quickly [learn] those skills.

"There were lots of mistakes and lots of un-picking."

Leusink Sladen said sun-damage, mould spots and staining on the fabric were a significant design challenge, as was the weight and manipulation challenges of the velveteen and thermal curtains.

A big help had been Elizabeth McLean, Leusink Sladen's seamstress, who took on the task of providing guidance along the way.

"She was amazing. She wouldn't accept any money but she came and visited every week for about a three-month period, she was completely selfless about it and didn't ask anything in return."

Leusink Sladen said all the fabrics she used came from the Nelson Reuse and Recycle Centre, the St John's Ambulance shop and Richmond Antiques.

"I am an op-shopper from way back, and my personal style is influenced by garments and styling inspiration from the 50s, 60s and 70s.

"I drew a lot of my inspiration from vintage images of the modernist period of the 1960s and early 1970s."

Leusink Sladen said she was also influenced by the fabrics and curtain accessories themselves.Read more at:formal dresses uk | cheap prom dresses uk

New ways to curl your hair

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New ways to curl your hair

Forget a bog-standard curling tong or some Velcro rollers, there are now a host of new, inventive ways you can curl your locks.

We asked some of the U.K.'s top hair experts for their tips on how to tease your tresses most effectively.

When it comes to which tools to use, straighteners are becoming more popular than curling wands these days - due to their versatility. But if you struggle to get any waves into your hair using a straightener, Michelle Paterson, hair manager at Pouts & Pinups, has some suggestions.

"Straighteners are just as easy to use to curl hair and can be used to create big curls, loose waves and flat waves," she told Cover Media. "Always bear in mind that the smaller the section of hair you take, the curlier your hair will be."

Karen Brown, owner of Hair by JFK, is a fan of curling without using heat-styling tools and cites "soft rollers, pins and sock buns" as her favourite ways of adding some movement into the hair. In terms of which products to use, Karen explained: "One of my top products is the Schwarzkopf got2b Kinkier Curling Mousse, which can be used in towel-dried hair and scrunched to create gorgeous curls. For extra bounce, after applying this product to damp hair, blow-dry your hair upside down with a diffuser and scrunch."

And Dean Jones, owner of Dean Jones Hairdressing, agrees.

"One of my favourite ways to curl hair is allowing your hair to dry naturally with a bit of a helping hand from some products," he smiled. "When your hair is clean and damp, spread some oil or curling fluid through the ends and twist all your hair into a spiral before wrapping it into a bun and securing loosely with a hair tie. Leave this for an hour or two, the longer the better, and when you untie your hair it will have a natural curl through the mid lengths and ends. Relaxed, undone hair is so popular now and this is a great way to achieve that whilst giving your hair a break from heated styling tools - win win!"Read more at:cheap prom dresses | prom dresses

Dolls Kill Launches Streetwear Line Poster Grl

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Dolls Kill is adding its edgy perspective to streetwear with the launch of a new collection it’s calling Poster Grl.

The online multibrand retailer — specializing in looks inspired by a cross of styles borrowed from the punk, Goth and EDM scenes — on Tuesday rolls out what the company’s calling directional streetwear that adds just the amount of sex appeal to make it consistent with the rest of the Dolls Kills store, but also affordable.

The company, cofounded by chief executive officer Bobby Farahi and Shoddy Lynn, has made a name for itself since its 2011 launch by carrying edgy clothing and accessories with an antiestablishment attitude. The company’s online store carries a mix of the company’s own designs along with product from brands such as Wildfox Couture, One Teaspoon, Obey, Huf, Lazy Oaf and Dr. Martens. At the center of the merchandise mix and also what’s driving design and buying decisions at Dolls Kill, is the company’s reliance on what it calls its dolls. Each doll reflects a different persona and style. Those looking for rave-inspired looks, for example, can click on the doll named Kandi for all things coated in glitter and butterflies, or there’s Mercy for Goth platform boots and mesh tops.

The 41-piece Poster Grl collection ranges from $25 to $98 with sizes from XS to 3X.

The company said the new line is designed for its current customer base, which is already buying from its heritage streetwear brands. Poster Grl is aimed at serving as a supplement to those existing pieces. Dolls Kill will continue to roll out new collections for Poster Grl on an ongoing basis.

The San Francisco-based business in May raised $2.3 million, according to a filing with the Securities & Exchange Commission. That follows a $5 million Series A round closed in 2014, the same year the company was highlighted on the Inc. 5,000 list as the U.S.’s fastest-growing retailer.Read more at:prom dress | evening dresses uk

Will return to work within three days of getting married

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Samantha Ruth Prabhu and Naga Chaitanya’s wedding is something that the entire country is waiting for. The two, who have been dating for almost a decade now, are going to tie the knot on October 6, 2017. As the dates are nearing, details about their wedding and rumours about their honeymoon destinations have been making rounds every now and then. Recently, there were some reports that the two will be honeymooning for 45 long days. If sources were to be trusted, the two have planned to visit New York as a part of their honeymoon. However, in a statement to Times of India, Samantha has quashed all the rumours, and has, in fact, informed that the two will return to their work within three days of getting married.

Times of India reports, “Samantha confirmed that she has no such plans for a honeymoon at all. She stated that she and Chay will be wedded in Goa in a simple wedding, but they have no plans for their honeymoon.” Samantha and Chaitanya’s engagement was a well-celebrated affair. While their engagement came as a surprise for their fans as they chose to keep it under wraps, their wedding is surely a moment of celebration for their fans.

For Samantha, the excitement is more among the fans while for her she is already married to Naga Chaitanya in her head. In a Twitter chat, she wrote, “In my head, I am married to him already, so I think everyone else is more excited than the both of us.” This statement of hers has surely melted hearts. While there are some months left for their wedding, meanwhile both the actors are extremely caught up with their individual projects. Naga Chaitanya’s last outing Rarandoi Veduka Chudham did moderately well at the box office, and now, he is prepping up for Yuddham Sharanam.

Samantha on the other hand has multiple projects in her kitty. As far as her Tamil films are concerned, Sam has Mersal, Irumbu Thirai and Aneethi Kathaigal to shoot. While at present, she is shooting for Rangasthalam 1985 and would also shoot for Raju Garu Gadhi 2 this year.Read more at:short prom dresses | long prom dresses

Sarah Hyland threw herself into new Candie's collection

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Sarah Hyland poured her personality into her latest collection for Candie's.

The Modern Family actress has unveiled her third range for the brand, being both a spokesperson and - as of last year (16) - creative director.

Discussing what fans can expect from her new designs, 26-year-old Sarah explained it truly captures her own taste in fashion.

"This collection has a lot of me in it - so it has a lot of cutouts, some of my favourite colours like cranberry and olive green and rose gold and dusty rose, things like that," she explained to Pret-a-Reporter. "Those are my favourite colours for fall, so all of the pieces are perfect for back to school or starting your new job and being a confident woman."

The brunette beauty also shared some of her favourite items from the line, naming an embroidered leather jacket and the Audrey pant as two of her must-haves.

Further reflecting her personal approach to dressing, Sarah made sure many of the items are exciting enough to be worn without jewellery.

"I like to be simple in my accessories," she added. "In this collection, a lot of our pieces already have a statement aspect to it so you don't need a lot of accessories. One of our dresses has a built-in choker, we have ruffles on things, and I think less is always more. You don't have to over-accessorise or overthink it."

When it comes to inspiration for her clothes the Geek Charming star mostly pulls ideas from her own head, but relies on the expertise and knowledge of the Candie's team to help create the finished line.

When she isn't busy working as a designer Sarah often has to think about what she'll wear to the next big showbiz event, which is currently the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards in September (17).

Quizzed on whether she's picked her outfit yet, she quipped, "Not at all! I'm a fan of pockets, so if the dress has pockets I'm sold."Read more at:marieprom | formal dresses uk

Tengku Chanela Jamidah opens up on her secret to success

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Mother, designer, entrepreneur. Tengku Chanela Jamidah Tengku Ibrahim is indeed a woman who wears many hats in life – but it seems that she doesn’t allow those different roles to faze her one bit.

The Kuala Lumpur-born fashion icon, who is in her 30s, points out that having a really good support system is key. That, as well as knowing when to take time off to recharge.

“I have a wonderful group of friends who understand what I go through. I’m not perfect. I’m still trying to cope with it all,” she notes, adding, “I’ll be honest and say that motherhood is the biggest challenge.”

“I’m the type that just wants to give my children the best, so I put a lot of pressure on myself to do that. My only hope is that my kids will turn out to be good people,” she states.

Tengku Chanela is the founder of fashion labels Ultra and Thavia, as well as beauty brand Dida. She also recently started a series of curated bazaars named La Dida, which promotes a healthy and positive lifestyle.

“I’m a story teller. I’ve always been a person who’s incredibly enthusiastic about projects and people who are able to express their creativity in many different forms,” she says, regarding her passion.

While Ultra is all about pushing the message of sustainable fashion, Thavia celebrates women empowerment. Dida, on the other hand, was created for those who are self-confident and feminine.

“Ultra was my first ‘baby’. It was such a great combination of brilliant minds coming together. Thavia is more of my personal exploration. It shows who I am as a person. It’s my bare soul,” Tengku Chanela explains.

Dida is all about the customers though. She points out: “The Dida girl is fun loving and not afraid of exploring and expressing herself through experimentation with colours and different looks and styles.”

According to Tengku Chanela, she is a very hands-on person. This is true when it comes to managing her family and business – plus everything else. She is very adaptable in life too.

“My mother has always said that you could take me from the pasar to the palace and I would know how to act appropriately. Being flexible and being resourceful would be my strengths.”

While she is often seen impeccably dressed, she says that she does not like spending too much time thinking about her looks. She prefers clothes that are casual yet chic.

“My style would definitely lean towards something comfortable in classic colours like black, white and grey. You could say that my style is a reflection of how it encompasses my life.”

As it is, Tengku Chanela has lived a colourful life. She studied in both international and local schools. She also resided in the United States and Australia while completing her studies.

“Since young, I made sure to immerse myself in pop culture and fashion. Growing up, I was quite adventurous, even rebellious at times. I live with no regrets and I’m happy where I am now,” she relates.

When asked about fashion trends, Tengku Chanela says that she is really into the “new aesthetics” popular with a lot of designers at the moment. It offers a more relaxed and simple aesthetic.

“I do notice trends. I take interest in what’s happening around the world because how else would one grow? I guess you could say it’s all about having ‘the eye’ and once you identify with that, you’ll know what your identity is.”

Personal style

Wondering how to achieve the Tengku Chanela “model off-duty” look? Well, she reveals that it is the little details that matter. These add up to elevate the overall style of a person.

“Go for colours that suit your skin tone. Always have a great haircut and colour – it truly makes a difference. Remember that earrings always finish off a look. Also, black is always a good option,” she advises.Read more at:graduation gowns | prom dresses uk

AW fashion: Face a Face

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The Face a Face brand prides itself on standing “far from standardised fashion diktats and conformist trends”. Indeed, the frames physically embody this ethos with their bright colours and alternative shapes. Feeling rebellious? Or perhaps simply looking for a quick wardrobe update? We suggest you immediately toss aside those standardised reading glasses and pick up a pair of these risk-taking frames that are sure to add oomph to any outfit.

With abundant choices available, AW Fashion consulted with Dr Aron Wohl, CEO of EyeQ Optical, on the current trending styles for eye- wear. “We are seeing a lot of modernised classics where shapes like cat eye, wayfarer and aviators are being redone using modern techniques and materials. Modern-retro we like to call it.”

Modern-retro? Now that's a prescription we'd like filled!

Wohl opened his business because he knew that “Jamaicans deserved to be able to buy quality eyewear and receive top-class service, something that was limited at the time in the optical industry here”. He also knew that Jamaicans like high fashion and selected his brands, such as Face a Face, accordingly.

“Contrary to popular myth we don't only cater to the very high end of the market. We have customers from all walks of life. At Eye Q you don't need to have deep pockets to receive great service and quality products. We have frames that start at around J$6,000.” In fact, Wohl is so confident in his prices that EyeQ Optical offers a price promise, where they are committed to refunding the difference plus 10%, if the same product can be found locally for less.

Don't be shortsighted; find your Face a Face style at their New Kingston or Manor Park locations.Read more at:backless evening dresses | marieprom

Celebrity Stylists Share Their Secrets for Getting Your Silkiest Hair Ever

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Whether your hair care routine means using conditioner every time you wash or only when your hair is really dry and craving moisture, there are certain tricks to using it that can amplify the results, leaving you with soft, silky, touchable strands. Here, two industry pros reveal the inside tips you should know.

Add oil to your conditioner.

Giovanni Vaccaro, celebrity hairstylist and creative director for GLAMSQUAD, says to add a couple drops of organic oil, such as coconut, argan or grapeseed, to your conditioner to give your hair extra nutrients—it’s particularly good for coarse types. But, be sure to rinse it out well, so you don’t risk making your hair look greasy.

Try the cold water trick.

When it’s time to rinse out your conditioner, use cold water (it doesn’t have to be freezing) instead of warm. “This seals the cuticle and gives the hair more reflective shine,” says Matrix celebrity hairstylist George Papanikolas.

Break the rules a little bit.

“If your hair is super thick or coarse, don't fully rinse out your normal rinse-out conditioner. The remnants can be used as a styling product when you are trying to smooth out your hair,” says Vaccaro.

Keep a comb in your shower.

Comb your conditioner through your hair in the shower to let it fully absorb. This is especially important for thick and coarse hair, as you want to saturate every strand. “It's even more important if you use cleansing conditioners," says Papanikolas. "Make sure every strand (and your scalp) is fully saturated, and then leave it on for the suggested time. If you don't leave it on long enough, it won't cleanse your hair and you can get buildup.”Read more at:cheap prom dresses

Ichalkaranji textile traders continue strike against GST

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More than 100 textile merchants in Maharashtra’s Ichalakaranji are on a five-day strike since July 7 against the recently rolled out pan India Goods and Services Tax (GST). Textile mills in the vicinity are expected to temporarily stop production for some time as their cloth would not be procured by the striking traders, resulting in a fall in prices.

The Ichalkaranji Powerloom and Merchants Association is demanding that they should be allowed to file tax returns once in three months, instead of three returns every month. They are also seeking a guarantee that they would not be harassed by the tax authorities.

The textile business has come to a standstill in several parts of the country, with traders and mill owners going on strike in various hubs like Surat, Bhiwandi, Ahmedabad, Malegaon, Karur, Erode, etc.

In Ichalkaranji, more than 40 per cent of the loom owners have already stopped buying yarn since the GST was implemented. According to the loom and mill owners, tax is levied under GST on every stage of textile production, such as spinning, sizing, weaving and processing, and the manufacturers will get the returns in the form of input tax credit.

Earlier, tax was to be paid only at the initial stage of yarn procurement, and all subsequent stages were tax free. The merchants are demanding that the GST should not be levied on unit-wise work done.Read more at:cheap prom dresses uk | evening dresses uk

Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid strut for Fendi at Paris Fashion Week

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Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid were employed with devastating effect by design Maestro Karl Lagerfeld to cap Paris Haute Couture Week in Fendi’s dramatic colour-infused fur collection.

Exuberant Lagerfeld, 83, made light of the spectacle’s theatre venue by making not one bow — but three. Here are some of Wednesday’s fall-winter highlights.


A shot-red forest decor in Paris’ exclusive Champs-Elysees theatre led down to multicolored blooms.

And a few yards on, sat the VIP guests, including filmmaker Sofia Coppola.

Lagerfeld’s collection for “haute fourrure,” or high fur, went technicolour this fall-winter season in mink and sable — with three-dimensional floral and flower-shaped fur detailing cutting a fine style.

A bright red poppy motif sheath was followed with a sienna coat with purple fur blooms. A turquoise cape dress sported oversize red fur flowers that turned, again, into poppies on the floppy ankle boots.

Later, coats with strong necklines speckled with multi-colour were echoed cleverly by fur coats, with real life speckled contrasts.

Then came the stars.

Model of the minute Hadid, 20, prowled out animalistically in a loose and floaty, blue floral jumpsuit with peek-a-boo sheer sections and slicked-back hair.

Jenner, 21, followed soon after in a black tulip-shaped mini dress, with cape that curved round like a flower petal.

Previous Fendi Paris fur shows have seen animal activist protests — but there was no disruption this year.


Coppola also held court on the Valentino front row beside house-founder Valentino Garavani at his eponymous couture show in the opulent Hotel Salomon de Rothschild.

The youthful-looking 46-year-old, who’s still basking in the glory of her 2017 Cannes Best Director Award for “The Beguiled,” looked demure in a black Valentino sleeveless silk gown.

Oscar-winning actress Brie Larson also attended the silken display, alongside actress Kristin Scott Thomas.


Colour-blocking mixed with historic silken gowns — and a small dash of star-power — for Valentino.

The recently-solo designer, Pierpaolo Piccioli, is going from strength to strength.

The long, floor-sweeping organza gowns that evoke the Renaissance— now a staple of the Rome-based couture house — were all there in the Wednesday show’s accomplished designs.

Indeed, Italian painter Titian was even referenced in the program notes and could be felt in the silken hues of the collection that fused gentle whites, blues, reds and yellows.

An intarsia velvet plisse dress, which took 960 hours to make, had blown-up baroque motifs.

But Piccioli mixed it up this season.

Graphic shapes were produced with some stylish colour-blocking on gowns. One billowing cape in cerulean blue velvet sported a contrasting under garment with white sporty zip up collar.


Perhaps anticipating this month’s new “Game of Thrones” season, Lebanese designer Elie Saab went in search of the warrior queen for his medieval-tinged couture collection.

Queenly golden head band crowns, Rosary-style hand ornaments, and heavy Romanesque necklaces adorned models with tousled hair — parted in the centre.

The gowns, too, harked to a bygone era. The signature Saab silhouette — floor length and cinched-waisted — was given an historic twist with the display’s thick velvets, bands of fur, and intricate golden brocades.

One archetypal medieval gown in deep ultramarine velvet had structured straps diagonally across the bust, leading the eye down to floor length slit sleeves — styles worn by queens in court. A billowing cloak that faded from grey to blue was fastened by a large fairytale black velvet bow.

There were great small details — such as a structured peplum bodice that looked hard, yet was rendered soft by the velvet texture.

Actress Rossy de Palma and socialite Olivia de Palermo applauded in delight.


In 2007, Coca Rocha’s stunned guests at Jean Paul Gaultier— as the then 18-year-old Canadian model opened the show with a dramatic traditional Irish step jig that she danced all the way down the runway.

Ten years later, Rocha stunned again.

This time the 28-year-old — who’s still at the top of her game — capped the snow-themed show from the French designer by cycling down the podium in a strange white, fluffy tricycle carriage in gold leggings. Guests applauded and cheered as the soundtrack boomed out a French version of Frozen’s “Let it Go.”


The ever-unpredictable couturier Jean Paul Gaultier lived up to his reputation Wednesday in a humorous couture treat for guests who included France’s Former First Lady Carla Bruni.

The 61 diverse designs loosely united around one central theme: the winter wonderland.


But the display was mainly about fun and veered often into the wacky, harking from different continents and silhouettes. It almost defied definition.

On a snow-white runway, oversize bubble jackets in grey and gold paraded alongside fitted jackets with snow motifs and furry white platforms.

For the head: Gaultier served up gargantuan fur Russian chapkas that competed with wooly bobble hats in blue and white.

Then there were Sarees — that are worn in the sun, not in snow.

“(It’s) childish and exotic... What was funny was a mix of winter. So the snow, and the pullover. And also the saree which is from a country where there’s a lot of sun,” he told The AP.

And where would a winter wonderland scene be without Scandi knits? Inspired by the 1970s craze for Swedish-style cardigans, model Anna Cleveland wore a thick blue and white cardigan with floppy knitted headwear.

Then the couturier seemed to head for the Himalayas with wrapped-up Asian-style silhouettes — with one bright red, floor length, square-shouldered gown reminiscent of traditional Nepalese dress.Read more at:quinceanera dresses | mermaid prom dresses

Liza Soberano, a style star to watch

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Vogue: Liza Soberano, a style star to watch

ONE of the Philippines’ most sought-after actresses Liza Soberano gained yet another international recognition as she was featured in the American fashion and lifestyle magazine website, Vogue on Friday, June 30.

The Filipino-American actress, who will soon play the role of comic heroine Darna, was deemed as a “style star to watch” in the Vogue article by Janelle Okwodu due to the thousands of likes she gets on every Instagram post.

“Soberano sports a carefully curated wardrobe that is a mix of tomboy and cool girl,” Okwodu wrote.

Okwodu also mentioned that Soberano, along with celebrity stylist Perry Tabora, figured out the concept of switching gears with fashion choices in order to make a vital sense of personal style.

“She’ll move from ripped denim and ribbon chokers worn for a casual outing to princess-worthy couture for major red carpet events,” the article said.

As Soberano’s profile rose, Tabora was there to guide her fashion sensibility, and over the past four years they’ve developed a winning formula.

“Liza’s looks are always youthful, fresh, and with an understated elegance, to give [her outfits] that unique quality we always try to mix aesthetics.” Tabora told Vogue.

Tabora also revealed some of the 19-year-old celebrity’s style favorites.

The fashion pair collaboratively combines Filipino labels and signature items from Gucci, Tom Ford, Chanel and Dior. Despite the actress’ fascination with the brand Dior, supporting local designers particularly Martin Bautista and Michael Cinco remains her priority.

With the anticipation of “Darna,” directed by Erik Matti, to cross the television screens; fans could expect more from Soberano’s chic style in her promotional tours and fan meets.

As of this posting, Soberano has a total of 5.9 million followers on Instagram alone.

Other celebrities featured by Vogue were “It’s Showtime” host and actress Anne Curtis and South Korean star Sandara Park.Read more at:vintage evening dresses | quinceanera dresses

Should you buy something just because you saw it on a celebrity

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When Kim Kardashian West launched her beauty brand KKW Beauty with a line of contour kits last month, the entire stock was wiped out in less than three hours (with an estimated sale of $14.4 million according to Forbes). The Tommy x Gigi collection was a sell-out too. Pieces from supermodel Gigi Hadid’s collaborative collection with the all-American brand were available to pre-order online before the actual runway show, and it was reported that several items sold out as early as three hours before the show even began. Ditto with RiRi’s Fenty x Puma footwear collection.

Mere days after launching clothing brand Rheson, Rhea Kapoor posted an Instagram story revealing how their first collection was already selling out. And remember when Kate Middleton wore an Anita Dongre dress during her India visit last year? The designer said that her website crashed in the aftermath, followed by a downpour of orders. Payal Singhal too recalls the blush and black one-shoulder blouse and lehenga set worn by Sonam Kapoor becoming an instant bestseller. Payal Khandwala confides that the parrot green brocade kurta and magenta brocade lehenga set worn by Kareena Kapoor Khan continues to fetch her orders to date.

Safe to say, celebrity sells. Especially when it comes to fashion. It’s often a case of celebrity driving fashion consumption, and not the other way around. While dressing up A-listers for high profile events has always been a go-to strategy for international fashion houses, the trend has now gathered a stronghold locally too. “Pop culture’s endemic obsession with celebrities not only shapes our fashion landscape but validates people’s choices as well. It certainly helped our business that Khan wore our outfit. But this doesn’t always happen because it is contingent on who wears it and what they wear,” Khandwala says.

There’s no denying that celebrity sightings are an easy way to stay in the know, especially in an overpopulated market where one is spoilt for choice. “Celebrity style helps put several looks on the map, and technology and the growing Indian fashion economy allows shoppers to recreate them with ease. Seeking inspiration from their favourite style icons also lets them visualise how to style or wear a certain piece,” says fashion entrepreneur and designer Pernia Qureshi.

One look at a celebrity or their stylist’s Instagram page, and you instantly know what they wore to brunch, the beach or their bestie’s wedding. An urge to imitate often follows. The herd mentality is an easy trap to fall into. But you don’t have to wear a certain slogan sweatshirt just because Alia Bhatt was seen in it. And yes, wearing that Guns N’ Roses T-shirt seen on Beyoncй when you don’t even know the lyrics to Sweet Child O’ Mine is a serious faux pas. So the most important question to always consider is: Does it reflects your ideologies, preferences, or state of mind?

Singhal agrees that sporting celebrity-endorsed fashion that doesn’t complement you defeats the purpose. “It’s always more sensible to seek inspiration from a celebrity whose personal style sensibility you identify with.” Khandwala advises keeping in mind that not every look celebrities and their team of stylists, hairdressers and make-up artists create will work on everyone, so draw the line somewhere.

There’s something to be said about context too. Those seriously statement earrings may have served Deepika Padukone well on the red carpet (and the photo-ops that come with it), but is it something your wardrobe and social calendar really need? If the answer is, “I’m not sure where and with what I can wear this,” the answer is probably no.

Take a cue (or two) from your favourite icons by all means. But what you need to help celebrity style translate seamlessly into your personal style is some individuality. Go ahead and turn to Kendall Jenner’s Instagram for swimwear inspiration but only choose styles that will flatter you. Borrow from Sonam Kapoor’s modern takes on the sari, but pick a drape that resonates with you. For instance, you may be more comfortable in a palazzo sari than the double pallu drape. So don’t force it. The trick is in staying loyal to your own sartorial aesthetic. And while imitation may be the best form of flattery, there is nothing stylish about a clone.Read more at:one shoulder prom dresses | mermaid prom dresses

11 pre-GST offers you can’t miss

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(Photo:red prom dress)

It is not monsoon season, it is the sale season. It’s the time of the year again when sale fanatics like us drop to the nearest mall or shop just to shop till drop. Reason? Because they have irresistible discounts. When we bag a great deal it is nothing less than celebration. And here comes another reason to celebrate. With less than 24 hours for the GST (Goods and Service Tax) to roll out retailers across the country are leading sales to clear stocks. From July 1, luxury items are all set to get more expensive and hence the discounts are mostly on expensive goods.

Here are some amazing discount galore you cannot dare to miss:

Big Bazaar: The store will remain open for shoppers on the midnight of June 30 to run a sale with discount of upto 22 per cent.

Amazon: The online retailer has been running a sale events with discounts between 40 and 50 per cent. The offer is valid on televisions, refrigerators, inverters, washing machines, microwaves, air-conditioners and sound speakers, among others. For instance, 40 inches Panasonic LED smart TV priced at Rs 46,900 is available for Rs 31,998, 43 inches LG full HD Smart LED priced at Rs 54,900 is available for Rs 41,400. Amazon has also rolled out a cashback offer of Rs 1,000 and will be added to Amazon pay balance.

Flipkart: The online store is offering up to 80 per cent off on fashion, home and kitchen appliances, gadgets and more.

Jabong: Jabong is offering discount of about 40 to 80 per cent on sportswear.

Lavie: The lifestyle brand is offering 50 per cent discount on bags and shoes. The offer is valid on Lavie’s store in Infiniti Mall-Malad, R-City Mall-Ghatkopar, Mumbai Airport and Seawoods Grand Central Navi Mumbai.

Max: Flat 50 per cent off on children’s wear, ladies and men’s wear, footwear, accessories and everything. The offer is valid on Max’s store in Infiniti Mall-Malad, Inorbit Mall-Vashi, R-City Mall-Ghatkopar, Little World Mall-Kharghar, Star Mall-Dadar, Maxus Mall-Bhayander, Phoenix Market City-Kurla, R-Mall-Thane, Viviana Mall-Thane, Metro Junction Mall-Kalyan.

Atosa: The multi-designer store is offering upto 70 per cent off on collections of Abraham & Thakore, Krishna Mehta, Payal Singhal, Nikhil Thampi, Nupur Kanoi, Shruti Sancheti, Anand Kabra, Kallol Dutta and more.

Fuel: The fashion store is offering upto 70 per cent off on tunics, kurtas, lehengas, fashion jewellery and accessories. The store is located in Khar West and Chowpatty Road.

Biba: The fashion brand is offering upto 50 per cent off on its collection. The offer is valid at all Biba exclusive outlets.

Soch: The one-stop ethnic retail brand is offering upto 50 per cent off on kurtis, tunics, sarees, salwar kameez and dress materials.

Aza: The premier designer destination for apparel and accessories for women and men is offering a surprise discount on its collection. You can visit its Altamount, Juhu and Bandra store until 11 pm on June 30.Read more at:white prom dresses

The Power of Instagram for Fashion Brands

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Have you ever walked down a busy city street, caught sight of a stranger in a great outfit, and wondered where he or she bought it? That’s the power of Instagram for fashion brands. Curious consumers don’t have to wonder where an influencer bought a sweater or skirt or neck tie; they simply have to look at the hashtags on the post.

Instagram has created an authentic, transparent way to spread fashion brands’ messages without spammy or overly zealous marketing. An influencer tells his or her own story about the product in question, lending his or her familiar voice so that followers recognize it and respond to it.

Embracing A Familiar Format

Instagram users know what a post looks like. They’re familiar with the square images, blue Follow buttons, heart-shaped “like” buttons, hashtags, and other components. They know how to comment on the posts and how to decipher the lingo.

Harnessing that knowledge can help fashion brands grow. Whether you use your own branded Instagram account or partner with fashion influencers, you can reach a dedicated audience that already cares about fashion, and that understands how Instagram works.

Moving Beyond the Ad Blocker

According to the most recent PageFair survey, “615 million devices now use adblockers.” In other words, on those 615 million devices, consumers can’t see the ads you’ve carefully crafted to show off your latest fashion creations.

Instagram allows fashion brands to reroute their marketing strategies to circumvent adblockers. Even more importantly, when influencers model the latest fashions, their photographs don’t look like ads at all because they’re styled with the influencer’s own unique flair. Even if an influencer works with 15 different fashion brands, his or her Instagram feed looks like a carefully curated collection of favorite items from his or her wardrobe.

If you’re going to spend money on marketing, Instagram influencers offer far better ROI than paid search or paid social, especially if your target demographic is using adblockers.

Empowering the Trendsetters

Some of the most passionate Instagram influencers have become trendsetters in their own right. Consumers don’t always look to the fashion magazines to figure out what to wear, especially when those magazines are filled with threads they can’t afford.

As a fashion brand, you can help influencers set those trends. Your own products become the stage dressing for huge shifts in fashion movements, whether you’re focused on haute couture or high street fashion.

Furthermore, as your Instagram influencers gain larger followings, their reach expands, as well. They can impact fashion decisions on the other side of the world with a simple photograph, a few well-chosen words, and a slew of meaningful hashtags.

Uniting Photography, Fashion, and Voice

Some of the most powerful Instagram influencers boast the trifecta for fashion brands: voice, photography, and fashion acumen. They know how to put together an outfit just by staring at the items in their closets, and they know how to style a shoot, so they look stunning and show off what they’re wearing.

Even more importantly, they use words to convey emotion, delight, and excitement. While a simple photo can get shared all over the internet (we all remember the Great Dress Debate of 2015, right?), an Instagram influencer who also knows how to use the power of words can prove indispensable for fashion brands.

It’s difficult to find an Instagram influencer who boasts all three qualities on your own. That’s why it’s helpful to mine the gold from an influencer marketplace. You never know when you’ll find someone whose voice, style, and photography skills match your brand voice and mission.

Using the Power of Instagram For Your Brand

Create your own campaign.

If you want to use the power of Instagram for your own fashion brand, start with a few small steps:

Set Your Goals: Do you want to expand your audience? Gain more followers on Instagram? Sell more products? Define your specific goals for your first campaign.

Decide on Outreach: Are you interested in working with influencers? Do you want to try paid social, as well? Will you post your own content to Instagram?

Select a Method: If you decide to work with an influencer, how will you identify the ideal candidate(s)? Consider using an influencer marketplace instead of wasting hours scouring Instagram for possible partners.

Choose the Products: Start by marketing just a few pieces of clothing or accessories. Try to gain traction by working with several influencers at once, for instance, who might post themselves wearing your garments in different ways. Once you find a strategy that works, expand with other products.

Interview Partners: If you’re working with influencers, talk with them before the campaign starts. Set forth your primary goals and objectives for the campaign, and make sure everyone knows what’s expected of everyone else. Remember, transparency is key.

Create a Budget: Whether you select paid social, Instagram influencers, or a combination of both, marketing campaigns cost money. Set a reasonable budget that compensates your partners appropriately and that allows enough exposure for your campaign to take off.

A well-defined campaign will increase your chances of success. Once you decide what you want to accomplish and how you want to approach your goals, you can begin taking the action steps necessary to put your plan in motion.Read more at:black prom dresses | pink prom dresses

Espresso Bars At the Reception

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We don’t know about you, but at our office and among our friends, coffee snobbery is at an all-time high. And there’s really nothing wrong with it. We just like our coffee how we like it—and we like it to be good. We’ve already told you that Millennials are hyper-focused on the food at their weddings, and now, coffee is getting the same treatment. Instead of just regular old coffee service with dessert, couples are offering full-blown espresso bars. We did a little research to see if this new trend is worth the spend. Below: a good old list of pros and cons. Sips coffee Now, let’s begin.


“Caffeinated People are Happy People,” says Espresso Dave, New England’s foremost coffee caterer. He has been in the business of mobile caffeination since 1993 and notes that good coffee keeps the party going all night long.

Customization Station: Customization is king when it comes to coffee bars. If your guests are discerning coffee drinkers, they’ll be given plenty of options, from espresso shots at the reception to lattes (with latte art) with dessert. Espresso Dave even offers grab and go frozen mochaccinos topped with doughnuts or cookies at the end of the night.

Alcohol Alternative: Yes, some people don’t drink. For your guests who don’t drink alcohol, having a coffee bar will give them a nice little buzz, without the booze.

Cost Effective: Feeling overwhelmed by how much the bar is costing but you want to keep the party going late? Forego that last hour of open bar and leave guests with the espresso bar to finish. Their hangovers, and your wallet, will thank you.


Ambiance Shift: Robin Baab of Ro & Co Events has seen that there is a definite ambiance shift when the coffee comes out. Having an espresso bar can transition the dance party to a quieter, calmer after-party, she notes. Though, if you’re down with a coffee-house vibe, throw this to the pros list.

Too Much Buzz: Remember the Four-Loko craze? If we learned anything from that, it’s that alcohol is not caffeine’s best friend. Be sure your guests have gotten the memo and aren’t chasing their vodka shots with espresso shots.

Honest Poop Talk: Coffee makes the bowels start to growl, if you know what I mean. This can certainly be a good thing if you feel like your dress is getting a little tight but let’s be real, you don’t want to spend all your wedding time on the toilet. If your wedding is outside without an abundance of toilet stalls, maybe consider foregoing the espresso bar. A line forming at the bathroom does not a fun party make.Read more at:unique prom dresses | 2017 prom dresses