All The Details About Pippa's Extraordinary Wedding Cake

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Aside from the bride's dress and the adorable look on the groom's face when he sees her walking down the aisle, the best thing about a wedding is the cake. Given Will and Kate's spectacular, eight-tiered cake in 2011, we are overly excited to see what Pippa chose. While photos have not been released yet, here's everything we know about the royal desserts so far.

The Cakes

Pippa and Kate both went traditional with multi-tiered fruit cakes. Pippa's version was made up of four tiers and coated in white icing, the Sunday Express and The Telegraph report. It was cut at the couple's early afternoon reception. At the second gathering later that evening, a trout starter, lamb main course, and Scottish-themed pudding were reportedly served.

Will and Kate went with not one but two cakes at their 2011 wedding: the gorgeous multi-tiered fruit cake and a chocolate biscuit cake. The fruit cake was covered in cream, white icing, and edible flowers. As if that wasn't enough, another dessert was served at the reception — a trio of Berkshire honey ice cream, sherry trifle and chocolate parfait, according to the dinner menu.

The Bakers

According to E! News, Pippa and her new husband, James Matthews, chose London-based Domino Purchas Contemporary Cakes to make their wedding cake, though this hasn't been confirmed since the lavish ceremony Saturday.

The chocolate cake came upon Prince William's request, and was made using a Royal Family recipe by McVitie's Cake Company. The U.K.-based baked goods company has made several Royal family wedding and christening cakes dating all the way back to 1893, when King George V (then Prince George, Duke of York) married Queen Mary (then Princess Victoria Mary).

Chocolatier Barry Colenso told Hello Magazine his team worked on the design for 29 days, and said the cake's white flowers each took six hours to make by hand. Cake-maker Fiona Cairns made the eight-tiered fruit cake, which included walnuts, raisins, cherries, and lemon.Read more at:grey prom dresses

Up your game as a wedding guest with this advice

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The temperature is heating up, birds are chirping and your beloved peony bush is finally starting to sprout. You know what that means—wedding season is officially here. Although weddings have changed with the times (a honeymoon fund 20 years ago would have been seen as gauche), the etiquette surrounding wedding guests really hasn’t.

It seems obvious not to wear jeans to a wedding and to turn off your cell phone during the vows, but some other questions aren’t always so black and white. So if you’ll be celebrating tons of happy couples this season, here is some advice to help you become the best wedding guest ever.

Q: Is it ever OK to wear white to a wedding?

A: Even if you have the best ivory or light cream dress ever, wearing white or anything that resembles white is a wedding no-go. Even if you aren’t trying to upstage the bride, it may be interpreted that way, so it’s better to play it safe. However, if there is a touch of white in a floral patterned dress you want to wear, for example, don’t sweat it.

Q: When should you send in your R.S.V.P. card?

A: When it comes to being a wedding guest, probably the most important thing you can do is R.S.V.P. Couples usually send invitations eight weeks before the wedding date with a reply requested four weeks ahead of the big day. The reason replies are so important is because the final headcount will dictate everything from how many chairs are needed to how much food to serve. Make sure to reply to the invitation as soon as you can—no need to wait for the deadline.

Q: How do you know if you can bring a plus one?

A: If you have to wonder, it means you didn’t get a plus one. Whoever is invited will clearly be stated on the envelope. So unless it says “Mr. Smith and Guest,” assume that you alone are invited. And whatever you do, please don’t ask the couple if you can bring a date if you weren’t given one on the invitation. They are dealing with strict space and monetary restrictions, and asking them about an additional guest will only stress them out.

Q: Can I bring my kids?

A: Like a plus one, whoever is invited will clearly be stated on the envelope. If you are married with children and the invite says, “Mr. and Mrs. Smith and family,” that means everyone is welcome to come. If only “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” are printed on the invitation, the kids should stay home for the night. There may be a few reasons the youngsters weren’t invited (cost, space, type of venue), and the couple has put a lot of thought into whom to invite. So don’t be offended if you don’t see “and family” on your invitation. It’s nothing personal.

Q: Is it OK to snap photos of the bride as she's walking down the aisle?

A: Although some brides may be OK with this, it’s often not a good idea. Most couples spend a pretty penny on a professional photographer who will capture every moment. That crucial moment when the bride enters may be obstructed if the photographer is capturing guests holding their cellphones in front of their faces. Also, this can also block the view of other guests. It’s best to turn off your phone, stay in the moment and let the couple share photos with you as they become available.

Q: What if I have dietary restrictions?

A: Don’t wait until a server puts a plate of breaded chicken in front of you before mentioning to anyone you are gluten-free. If you have an allergy or intolerance, by all means, tell the couple when you R.S.V.P. Caterers are extremely accommodating these days, so getting something you can eat should be no problem. However, if you happen to dislike certain foods, just try to eat around them on the day of.

Q: Should I bring my gift to the reception?

A: After a long day of wedding festivities, it can get complicated to pack up a lot of gifts when there is so much else going on. If it’s a card, feel free to bring it (the couple will often have a special box dedicated to these gifts). However, if you can’t wait to hand them the stand mixer they were coveting on their registry, it’s better to have that mailed to their house. With modern registries, that is often an option guests have set up automatically.Read more at:cocktail dresses | cheap prom dresses

Inside Georgia O’Keeffe’s Closet

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There’s been much discussion around Georgia O’Keeffe’s clothing the last few months, more now than ever before. The most obvious reason for this is the Brooklyn Museum’s exhibition “Georgia O’Keeffe: Living Modern,” which opened in March. For the first time, the public was able to see how the artist’s minimalist, utilitarian wardrobe helped shape her work as a modernist: the unembellished white dresses she wore in school, the black suits she adopted when she first came to New York in 1918, and the Southwestern style she began to wear once she moved to Texas and eventually settled in New Mexico. It’s the latter period of her sartorial evolution that recently captured the attention of designer Maria Grazia Chiuri, who based part of her Resort 2018 show for Dior on Ms. O’Keeffe.

According to Agapita Lopez, O’Keeffe’s secretary and “companion,” as she called those who took care of her in her late 80s, the current fascination with her sartorial choices, and specifically, Chiuri’s spin on it—the black-and-white palette, wide-brim hats, and belted wrap dresses—wouldn’t have made much difference to the artist. “I don’t think it would have affected her much,” explains Lopez, who worked for O’Keeffe at her home in Abiquiъ, just outside of Santa Fe. “She may have been secretly flattered, but she always told young artists who asked for her advice to do their own thing, pave their own way. She would at least appreciate the designer creating her own version of the look.” That dedication to singularity is what defined both O’Keeffe’s art and her way of dressing, which Lopez was privy to nearly every day. Her grandfather was O’Keeffe’s gardener and her mother was her cook and housekeeper; today, Lopez is the director of historic properties at the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, leading private tours of the original Abiquiъ home.

This summer, Lopez and her associates, including the museum’s curator, Dr. Carolyn Kastner, will reinstall the main closet inside O’Keeffe’s adobe. It is the first time this particular space will be seen by the public. It will be stocked with her black suits, of which she owned exactly five, a rotating selection of her 23 wrap dresses, kimonos that she’d wear while reading around the house, Hector Aguilar belts, and more. “Her bedroom closet was incredibly simple,” Lopez remembers. “A lot of her clothes were stored away most of the time, and she only kept what was needed daily in her closet.” Getting dressed in the morning or changing throughout the day was a matter of comfort, not style. “She followed fashion to an extent but the wardrobe collection is not a fashion collection,” Kastner says. “It’s a collection of a woman who was creating an individual persona.”

“She knew what she liked and what she wanted to wear every day, even in her later years,” Lopez says. “Everything had to be very neat and proper, and if she wasn’t able to lay her clothes out in the morning, we would do it for her.” Lopez was always taken by how beautiful and pristine O’Keeffe’s clothing was, especially those pieces the artist hand-stitched herself. Lopez’s mother recalls having to use an old mangle press to iron the painter’s wrap dresses, shirts, and linens. That attention to detail and dedication to sparseness all calculated in the crafting of her artistic persona. You can see it in the Brooklyn exhibition and in fashion’s imaginative nods to her inimitable look. Mostly, though, it’s seen in the way she lived her life—waking up, taking a look inside her closet, choosing an outfit, and going on with her day.

There are hardly any mirrors in the Abiquiъ house, save for the medicine cabinet in the bathroom. When Lopez would help O’Keeffe button a shirt or help her put on her shoes, the famously reticent woman would look down, look at her, and then ask softly, “So, how do I look?” She was certainly an icon, but also, she was human.Read more at:cocktail dresses | formal dresses

How to survive fashion week

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“I’m the only one with an external battery” Photo: Darrin Zammit Lupi
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With fashion week just a sashay and click of the heels away, I thought I’d take a moment to share a few tips about how to survive the jungle that is Malta Fashion Week and be front row ready (even if your feet and head are killing you).

■ It’s the venue that should dictate your footwear, not your outfit: I remember a time when I would roll up to the appointed venue and totter over to my seat in the kind of six-inch heels that would have made Naomi Campbell blush; those days are over. The reality is that while many of the venues chosen are objectively beautiful and offer the shows a stunning backdrop, they are very seldom easy on the feet. Unless your side job is being an Olympic walker and you’re able to climb steep stretches of polished limestone in the way that I consume a box of Godiva chocolates, I kindly suggest you try to either find a different shoe or a different outfit.

■ A hairstyle that doesn’t need touch-ups every few minutes: Though it might not look like it, sitting in the front row can sometimes be pretty sweaty work. Some shows can go on for hours and since you’re sitting in the open air, you and your hair are literally at the mercy of the elements. If it’s windy, you wind up looking like Einstein’s second cousin and if it’s sunny, your sweating will take care of the rest (and let’s not even start discussing the Maltese humid air which could make Kate Middleton look like a royal bird’s nest). The trick here is to keep it as simple and natural as possible and please, please, please ditch the hair spray. Contrary to popular belief, your hair doesn’t need to look like it’s taking part in an origami folding competition for you to look put together.

■ Plan your outfit beforehand: Every year I say I should do this and every year without fail, I’m still pulling out dresses which may or may not fit me an hour or two before. I know that you can’t cater to your every mood and emergency, however, a little planning does go a long way in such situations.

■ Try to get enough sleep: While from the outside, attending fashion week can look like a dawdle, the truth is that while it’s a lot of fun, constantly having to look like a million dollars as you schlepp from one show to the next can take its toll. The trick here is to manage your time properly and try not to get sauced on cheap wine at the after parties. Many of us don’t have the luxury of taking the whole week off, which means that we have to find some way of balancing our jobs, our partners (or fashion week widowers as I like to refer to them), our writing, and sleep.

■ The best thing you can wear is a smile (be friendly and kind, or try to): I know that not everyone is naturally friendly and inclined to strike up conversations but it’s equally uncomfortable to have to sit next to someone who constantly acts like they have something wedged up their behind. The industry in Malta is very small and there’s little point in acting like you own the place when we’re all seated together. Sadly, you’ll probably eventually need to speak to me anyway when I’m the only one with an external battery and your tablet or phone is dead.Read more at:sexy evening dresses

Fashion Flash

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About the Books: "Bite Somebody" is my first novel, it published in June 2016 and it's going really well. The books are romantic comedies about vampires with funny experiences and awkward moments. I've been a writer my whole life. I was a journalist first but I wasn't very good at it. I'm creative and felt boxed in. I started selling short stories and then non-fiction essays. Then I sold my first book in October 2015. "Bite Somebody" started as a short story that I sent to Shimmer Magazine. An editor there named E. Catherine Tobler convinced me to turn it into a novel. After a year, I sold it to a publisher and they signed me for a second novel in the series.

Style: I'm modern-gothic, meets baby doll, meets fun. Most of my clothes are risque, dark, quirky and fun.

Style Influences: I have a lot of weird spooky things. I'm obsessed with Halloween, Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter; she's my girl crush. When I saw Helena Bonham Carter in "Fight Club" I realized that I could dress like that and people are OK with it. I didn't have to hide my freak; I can be a freak just out there. Her influence helped me a lot. I love scary movies and Halloween. I like dark clothes and nail polish. I love the Day of the Dead celebrations and get very involved with that. I discovered it while we lived in Phoenix for five years. I also like Elizabeth Taylor; my wedding dress was based on one of her dresses that I saw in a photo. I also like modern burlesque dancers and their fashion. Dita von Teese is a great example.

Changing Style: In eighth grade I dyed my hair black and started wearing black lipstick. I embraced the outcast society. I kind of got away from that, had blond hair and was an honor student. I became the newspaper editor and starred in school plays. I busted out of my shell, but that Goth kid was still inside me. I started using the Gothic details as style, not a sign of anything else.

Modeling: My involvement in modeling varies. I'm backing off right now because it's author time, time to start promoting "Bite Somebody Else". I've worked with several local photographers. I've done everything from Gothic, underwater, boudoir, high fashion and character studies. I have a lot of fun doing it. I love doing it as a hobby.

Shopping: I call myself a found shopper. I like finding things that I don't expect to find. I love stumbling onto things at estate sales, antique stores, even the Goodwill. I do like Hot Topic and TJ Maxx. I like finding weird stuff. When we lived in Charleston, I fell in love with hats so I'm always looking for them. I like to wander downtown Willoughby and Chardon. There are great antique shops. I believe good things find me. They just show up.

Interests: I love scary movies. I love reading. I read every genre. I love going to dive bars. Every place I've lived, I've had my bar. There is something homey about going to a place where they know me. I'm obsessed with football. I'm a Pittsburgh Steelers and University of Michigan Wolverines fan.

Something we should know: I volunteered at a prison running a book club. We read a book every month and discussed it. I always wore my coolest high heels. The women there had mostly been there for five years or more and never saw cool shoes. They loved to talk about them. This is where I discovered the power of fashion and the importance of looking good every day. The ladies even created their own makeup and it was great to see how wearing it or talking about my shoes brightened their day. We take so much for granted.

Fitness: I am in the lucky gene club. My parents still look really young. I do work out a lot and my husband does, too. I do less cardio and more weights. I do fast weight lifting. I jump back and forth between machines doing reps so that I never stop moving. I get a productive workout in 30 minutes by keeping my heart rate up. We're super healthy eaters. He was an organic farmer when we lived in Phoenix. We learned a lot about diet, we make everything from scratch. I stay fit so that I can make room for really good beer and whiskey. I'll give up starch for a few days to have a really good IPA.

Dream Item: I have a savings fund for a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes. I'm looking at a pair that cost about $1,000. I just want one pair of those shoes, that's all.

Rules: There are no rules, but generally, my clothes are either tight or short.

Pet Peeves: I sometimes think that people over-accessorize. If your top or dress has details you can probably forgo a necklace. I also think too many styles are leaning toward oversized things, too much pastel and paisley. I don't want to drown in fabric. We should embrace our bodies, show off what we have and stop hiding ourselves.

Playlist: I listen to Pandora and I shuffle. My stations are '80s Pop, '70s Classic Rock, Justin Timberlake, Hosier, Ray LaMontagne, Brandi Carlile, Florence and the Machine, Punch Brothers and Civil Wars. I listen to more depressing folk music before I sit down to write. Like my clothes, it's all based on mood.

Advice: Ignore trends and dress for yourself. Show off your favorite asset. Red lipstick covers a multitude of sins. It grabs the attention away from anything else.

If you could go on a shopping spree with anyone from the past or present, who would it be?

Helena Bonham Carter would be my first choice, she probably shops in wild stores. I also think shopping with Marilyn Monroe would be amazing. It would be fun to see what she would be like on a shopping spree. I wonder how much of her look she picked out herself and what her real, personal style was.Read more at:celebrity dresses | prom dress shops in london

Imperialist Beauty Standards Rule in the Philippines

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Imperialist Beauty Standards Rule in the Philippines
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Once again Western standards of beauty are on display in Asia, with beauty contest officials inevitably picking a mestiza to be Miss Universe Philippines 2017. Rachel Peters’ father is British, her mother a Filipina. Last year’s Miss Universe was Pia Wurtzbach, who had a German father. A former Miss Cebu, Raine Baljac, had a Croat father. Megan Lynne Young, a Filipino-American, was crowned Miss World in 2013. There have been precious few pure Filipina finalists in any recent beauty contests in the country.

Obviously Filipino women who gave birth to those contestants, to name a few among many, either traveled around the world where they met their partners, or foreign men were the ones who had gone to the Philippines. The fascination, even obsession, with Western standards of beauty dates back to the former western colonials which relegated the indigenous population to a lower social stratum. Analysts of colonialism have pointed to the socio-cultural problems which arise from that. But in developing countries like the Philippines, mestizos tend to be admired.

Some countries view such minorities either with contempt or a tinge of admiration. In colonial India, the offspring of Britons who married the natives were labelled “half caste,” “Anglo-Indian” or “Eurasian,” among others. (In Africa there were the Creoles or Mulattoes.) The mixed-race actress, Merle Oberon whose exoticism took her to the Hollywood zenith in the 1930s and 1940s, was born in India but claimed she was born in Tasmania, a secret she kept till her death.

It was former US President Barack Obama who spelled things out clearly when he described himself in an interview as a “mutt” soon after he was elected in 2008 as the media were digging into his antecedents. Curiously, he chose to call one of his biographical pre-election books “Dreams from My Father.” This may have been to highlight the racism that pervades much of American society towards what were first called “negroes,” then “colored folks” and finally “blacks.” The era of miscegenation lasted centuries, when marriages between white and black couples were often ostracized.

Even though Obama had a white mother, which makes him only half black, that tended to be overlooked by racists whose attitudes are deeply entrenched in America’s social, cultural and political life. Tales whipped up by the present President Donald Trump about Obama having been born in his father’s country, Kenya, festered in the minds of a segment of Americans who hated the thought of America having a black president. The Texan husband of a close relative of mine told me when Obama ran in his first presidential campaign: “I don’t want no nigger in the White House!”Read more at:prom dresses 2017

North Canton woman helps Unbox the Dress, and family wedding memories

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Grace Rojek of North Canton is unboxing wedding dresses that have been in storage for years on end. She then unleashes new memories for moms and daughters.

Rojek launched the Unbox the Dress website ( in January, giving women numerous ways to repurpose their wedding gowns and transform them into custom-designed gifts and family keepsakes.

From Christening suits to bouquet wraps, there is no end to how many ways a wedding dress can be repurposed.

“I meet with the client about who she is giving the gifts to, and her ideas, then design from there,” said the 26-year-old entrepreneur, who said she has a network of “graceful sewers” who put the pieces together.

“I work with the seamstresses throughout the process to ensure the item is meeting the standards we’ve set. A lot of our clients are mothers who want something special for their daughters, or grandmothers who want the same for a granddaughter. ”

Some clients have wanted pillows, others home decor items such as table runners or framed wall hangings. She said flower girl dresses, cake rounds and the getting-ready robe are very popular, as is using the lace from a mother’s or grandmother’s gown for the veil for the new bride, or an embellished pocket square or tie for dad.

“Everything is a little different because of the differences in the wedding gowns,” said Rojek, a graduate of Hoover High School and Northwestern University. She got a degree in marketing and communications, and went to work in her field before starting Unbox the Dress with her mother, Lorraine Stewart, a marketing and branding expert.

“When we open the box, we look at the style. You can tell a lot about the era of the gown because of the style,” said Stewart. “The 1980s are really embellished with high necklines, the 1970s were plainer, with empire waistlines.”

She and Rojek go to bridal shows together and talk about the different possibilities for gowns.

“It takes a minute for some to get it because this is such a new idea, but then it clicks and then you see the mother’s reaction and she wants to reminisce about her wedding and the dress, then the daughter starts thinking about the cool ways to use mom’s dress,” said Stewart. “Sometimes the grandma is there and wants to be a part of the special day.”

Unbox the Dress just got its first multi-generational project.

“A client came in with her dress and her mother’s dress and is making a couple surprises for her daughter,” said Rojek. “Our business is centered upon celebrating generations of women who love and empower each other. Our goal is to grow our brand nationally but stay grounded in Ohio.”

Customer reaction

The ladies’ customers say they are thrilled with the products they’ve received.

“The robe she made from my gown is just stunning,” said Michelle Clagg of Plain Township. “It is something my daughter will cherish for a long time. It is more beautiful than I imagined.”

Clagg was married in 1985 and had her dress boxed up since. She has moved six times, and, each time, the dress went with her and was stored in a closet. Her daughter Stacie lives in Sarasota, Fla., and is getting married later this year on Hilton Head Island. In addition to the robe, she had Rojek also made a bouquet wrap and a cake round for the wedding cake.

“My daughter and I went to a bridal show earlier this year and saw her there,” said Clagg, who said she knew Rojek previously, as their daughters were in a dance class together at Avondale Dance.

“A lady we met in one of the dress shops we went to suggested we use my dress to make something for the cake table,” explained Clagg. “She told us there were people out there who could make things from my dress, and I thought that was something I wanted to do.”

She and her daughter unboxed her dress, puffy sleeves and all.

“I hadn’t seen the dress in 32 years,” Clagg said. “I thought, ‘oh my.’ When I saw what Grace does with wedding dresses, I made arrangements with her for the next week. We met and I decided to do the robe, the bouquet wrap, and then I wanted to do a round for the cake.”

Rojek did the robe first.

“When she sent me a photo of the robe, I cried,” said Clagg. “It is absolutely stunning. Just beautiful. I also asked her to make me a garter for my daughter, and she sent me a traditional garter, then I asked her if she could add some blue beading to the garter. Her work is truly beautiful. I could not have expected more.”

Judy Webb of Massillon is one of Rojek’s seamstresses.

“I love creating beautiful things,” she said, noting that among her projects have been a baby tutu and flower girl dresses. “I’ve enjoyed every project I’ve completed for Grace. She is a wonderful young woman.”

According to Rojek, “Your wedding dress may be outdated, but the lace embellishments and iconic fabrics are timeless.”Read more at:cheap prom dresses uk | graduation gowns

5 ways to make wedding planning easy

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The moment the word ‘Yes’ is said after ‘Will you marry me?’, the daunting task of wedding planning begins. This process may give anxiety to some couples because of the pressure that comes with wanting to start happily ever after perfectly. But worry not! Preparing for the big day can also be manageable. Let us help you out with these simple but useful wedding planning tips!

1. Have a thematic concept

Every love story is as unique as the couple’s personality. Let your wedding stand out by personalizing the look and feel of your big event. Make it the face of your love story. The concept should speak volumes of how and what made you, as a couple, end up saying ‘I do’.

2. Have your guest list under control

Want to have a wedding where you’re not pressed to please everyone? Make sure you invite your loved ones and dear friends only. Keeping your guest list small will not just preserve the intimacy of the event, doing so will help you save on costs too.

3. Have a unique venue

Choose the best location that fits your concept. Is your dream wedding suited for a church, a garden, or a beach venue? The more unique the location is, the more memorable your wedding will be for you and your loved ones. In selecting the venue for your big day, it also helps to consider the factors that might come into play such as the weather or its accessibility to your guests. After all, you don’t want yourself (and your guests!) to get anxious on your wedding day.

4. Have a budget watcher

Before shelling out money, come up with a feasible budget and learn how to stick to it—but without compromising quality and creativity. Conduct a supplier bidding to get the most of your precious peso. Also, don’t be afraid to ask your friends and relatives for help! You’d be surprised at how much some of them are willing to extend a helping hand at no cost.

5. Have a wedding planner who loves the job

Planning a wedding could be hectic. Last-minute changes in plans are inevitable, and most of the time, you cannot handle everything on your own. Having a professional by your side to handle every little detail is highly recommended.

BEAR BRAND Adult Plus pays tribute to people who are dedicated to their craft—may they be organizing weddings or doing other types of hard work. The household milk brand honors workers of all ages in different industries, as they steadfastly strive to finish a job well daily.Read more at:prom dresses

3 amazing beauty benefits of chia seeds you never knew about

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Chia seeds are an unsung hero that can do wonders to your beauty regimen. This humble superfood is a nutritional powerhouse, and packs a punch of omega 3 fatty acids, proteins, magnesium, zinc, vitamin E, vitamin B1, B2, B3 et al, in every serving.

Plus, they are pretty easily available, and purchasing them won't burn a hole in your pocket. Here's how you can include them in your daily beauty regimen.

Chia seeds face mask

(Photo:prom dresses london)

These tiny black seeds are one of the healthiest foods on the planet. They are loaded with antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids that fight ageing, soothe inflammation, reduce acne scars and keep skin radiant and healthy.

You can make your DIY face mask by mixing two tablespoons of chia seeds, with a half cup of coconut oil and a tablespoon of lemon juice. Let this mask sit on your face for about 10-12 minutes, and you will notice chia seeds forming a gel-like layer.

Follow this with massaging your face in circular motion for a few minutes to exfoliate your skin, and wash it off with lukewarm water.

This mask will remove dead cells, hydrate, soothe and moisturise your face, and leave you with a pearlescent skin

Hair mask

(Photo:celebrity dresses)

Luscious locks are just a hair mask away, fellas! Start with mixing four tablespoons of coconut oil, half cup of honey, and a tablespoon each of chia seeds and apple cider vinegar. Heat this mixture for 30-40 seconds so that all the ingredients get mixed properly.

Now, start applying this paste on your hair strands and let it sit for 15 minutes. Rinse it off, and get set to flaunt lustrous tresses.

Chia seeds in daily diet

Chia seeds have proven benefits (we tried it ourselves!) when consumed on an empty stomach every morning. Apart from having high levels of fiber, calcium, protein and healthy fats, these seeds also contain magnesium that help to keep cortisol level low, and in turn, uplifts your mood. You cannot feel beautiful from outside when you don't feel the same inside...right? They also contain tryptophan, an amino acid that help to fight anxiety.

Plus, a serving of them contains more than double the amount of antioxidants present in blueberries. Antioxidants fight off free radicals, protect your skin from pollution and helps in maintaining its elasticity.

Turning trash into trends

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Fast fashion is more popular than ever. While this has made trendy clothes accessible to most, the true cost of producing clothes cheaply by the millions is borne on our planet. The waste produced by fast fashion is growing larger than we can imagine, and this is only one of many problems caused by the desire of brands to keep up with the latest trends.

This is why the Aboitiz Foundation started the Green Fashion Revolution, a fashion design competition that empowers students to reduce waste by designing clothes from what is otherwise considered trash, in an effort to create a waste-free fashion industry, and to encourage the youth to take an active part in saving the planet.

Now in its sixth year, the competition began in Cebu, and is now entering its second run in Manila. The competition invites students to create innovative yet wearable fashion using recycled materials, placing an emphasis on the importance of the “3Rs”: reduce, reuse and recycle. These materials range from flour sacks and tarpaulins gathered from Aboitiz’s companies, to scraps of fabric from textile shops and interior design firms.

This year, three schools participated in the competition: De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, Asia Pacific College, and SoFA Design Institute. In addition to the challenge of using recycled materials, the students were given a theme: “Life Flourishing on Land and in Water” — an apt brief considering that three quarters of the earth is covered by water.

The creativity and ingenuity of the students were evident in the designs they presented on the runway. The competition’s big winner — scooping the awards for accessory, bag and shoe design — was SoFA. The GFR overall victor presented a collection that was inspired by mangroves, which live both in land and water. Titled “Pagbabago,” the collection utilized a number of techniques that really made use of the recycled materials. The students of SoFA transformed the flour sacks into electric-pleated skirts and dresses that flowed as if they were doused in a big vat of fabric softener. They also used discarded denim selvedge to create jeans that had textured stripes. Most impressive, however, was their use of fabric strips, hand-woven into panels that were intricate and vibrant, and added a delicate texture to the garments. These were contrasted with structured, ovoid sweaters and oversized coats made from scraps of upholstery fabric, providing a sort of protective shell to the delicate pieces.

The team from DLS-CSB presented a collection titled “Retaso” that was inspired by deep-sea creatures, and while it was nearly impossible to determine what these creatures were from their bizarre-sounding names, the collection was trendy and street-ready. Composed of mostly old jeans, the collection made a clear stance against waste: according to the students, out of an average of 10 pairs of jeans, only four to six are used regularly — not to mention the surplus produced by brands. The collection was a mix of slouchy jackets and tailored collared shirts, brought together by a deconstructed vibe with frayed hems and open seams in some garments. Save for some parts that were too deconstructed and a couple of non-functioning buttons and clasps, this was a collection that could easily be on the racks of a designer boutique.

Asia Pacific College, on the other hand, took a more traditional approach with their collection, titled “Abaddon.” Telling the story of man’s destruction of earth, the collection — made mostly from coffee-dyed flour sacks — was composed of marketable separates, some hand-stamped with fallen leaves. Although it was a small collection — featuring only six out of the required 10 looks — it told its story succinctly, the leaf prints disappearing gradually, representing the destruction of earth by man. And considering that APC doesn’t offer a fashion design course, the clothes were well-constructed, and did not look like the students took more than one try to get the clothing patterns right.

It’s not very often that students are empowered to create fashion with a purpose, let alone show their work on a runway. The Aboitiz Foundation is definitely leading the way to a more sustainable and eco-friendly fashion industry, in a way that’s exciting to the youth. And with the caliber of design shown by students from the three participating colleges, the future of local, green fashion looks bright.Read more at:plus size prom dresses

Lakehurst Beauty, Fashion And Prom Expo

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It was an exciting evening in Lakehurst on April 7, as young men and women dressed to impress and took to the runway for the second Lakehurst Beauty, Fashion and Prom Expo at La Bove Grande from 5 to 8 p.m.

The event, which was a partnership between Colonial Bouquet, Inc. and Dimensional Designs Salon & Spa, was meant to mirror a bridal event where outside vendors like Chazmatazz Tuxedos in Toms River and New York City Glitz in Pine Beach were invited to participate in a vendor like atmosphere that highlighted the most anticipated beauty and prom fashions of the season.

(Photo:graduation gowns)

Special guest Kristin Titus from LuLaRoe kicked off the event with the first modeling session, which highlighted “what not to wear” while getting ready for prom. De Monico Designs in Point Pleasant Beach showcased some airy, softer options for prom and 8th grade graduation. Another local designer Monica Karrine Coture, who creates custom pieces on demand, fitted eight girls in her collection Beauties in Blush, which was created specifically for the event.

The many young men and women who participated in the 2017 Beauty, Fashion and Prom Expo were professional and talented, strutting down the runway with confidence in their prom-ready looks. The evening was also sprinkled with giveaways from vendors, including Mary Kay, Premier Designs Jewelry, Arbonne and Touchstone Crystals by Swarovski.

Professional lighting for the fashion expo was provided by Riddlesburg Theatre Company and photography was provided by Velti Photography and Fashion Haute Magazine. A cover story of the expo will be highlighted in the magazine’s May edition.

There was so much talent at this year’s expo, from the models, outfits, flowers and hair design that the organizers are already looking forward to next year’s event.Read more at:quinceanera dresses

Devoted to her dream

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A career in the fitness and fashion industry was the last thing that Lavanya Kesari dreamt of, even after she won the Miss Fresher’s title during her graduation. At a new year party where an overweight Lavanya wasn’t comfortable in her own shoes, everyone around her kept dancing away while she couldn’t last on the stage beyond two minutes. If not for that late night experience and realisation, her dream win at the Mrs India pageant (where she won the Devoted title at Mumbai) wouldn’t have materialised.

The transition

That was only six months since she had her second child Dhruv then, but she was determined to get her body back to shape. She first resorted to hour-long walks around OU in the morning and strict diets. Impressive results got her interested to join the gym where she got fitter, lost more weight and also realised her desire to become a fitness trainer. Her efforts eventually paid off.

The contest

It was popular fitness trainer Kiran Dembla’s Twitter message that got her to know about the pageant. She shares, “I didn’t even have a proper dress to wear and I shopped all around Hyderabad a day before the auditions. I was so excited that I arrived at the audition venue couple of hours early. I was shivering while I walked the ramp and was asked to dance or sing, but all my skills though were confined to the kitchen and the gym. They questioned me on diverse fitness aspects and were happy to see a homemaker express her liking for fitness and fashion.” She sailed through the auditions and her next stop was Mumbai, where she competed with contestants across the country for the title. She was adjudged the Mrs India-Devoted title for her ‘dedication and discipline in fitness’.

She reveals that judges spent enough time with the contestants to know their strengths. “I happened to be the only person to ask for salt-less food. It wasn’t possible, but they promised to provide food with less salt from thereon. Even though we were trained on etiquette, speech and body language, wearing five-inch heels for 40 minutes, looking my best and having to smile weren’t the easiest of things to do,” she says. Being the only contestant from the southern region says, Lavanya hopes that more such pageants are held in Telangana to encourage more participation from married women. “Staying true to my strengths is what ensured me this win. What fitness has provided me is the zeal to learn. It’s only with the mental and financial support from my husband (Srikanth Kesari) that I’ve come this far,” she adds.Read more at:evening dresses

Aanushka Ramesh turns showstopper at Dubai Fashion Week

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The very beautiful and fashionable actress Aanushka Ramesh, best known for playing Sona in the 2016 Punjabi film Canada Di Flight, only recently walked the ramp at the Dubai Fashion Week. When asked about it, she said, “My experience at Dubai Fashion Week was fantastic! I had started out my career with modelling and done ramp shows around two years back, but I was super excited because it was my debut on the international ramp, and not just as a model this time but as the showstopper of the evening.”

Revealing more about her experience, she said, “The crazy thing was that I actually met some of the models I had walked with earlier as they were part of this show! Being on an international platform, where so many celebrities, designers and models get together and walking in front of such a multi-racial audience was a total high! Besides, the kind of response we got was just overwhelming. Ours actually turned out to be one of the best shows and the audience was literally clapping and cheering non-stop when we were on the ramp.”

This was Aanushka’s second week to Dubai in a year, a city she absolutely loves. She says, “This was my second visit to Dubai. I had been there in July last year for a shoot and a mini vacation. However, I absolutely love Dubai and look forward to going there again and again and as many times as I can.”

Talking about the designer she worked for, Aanushka reveals, “I walked for designer Sanaa Khan. I represent her brand and I’m the brand ambassador for her label as well. Her collection was really beautiful; it was an Indian wear collection, with beautiful embroidery and royal colours. The outfit I wore was so gorgeous, it literally weighed a tonne! But as I was getting ready, all the people backstage were oohing and aahing and said I literally looked like a princess! In fact, they did not even believe I was Indian! The whole atmosphere was electrifying and buzzing with energy and it was truly one of my most memorable experiences.”

The pretty and talented diva ended up having a gala time and bonded a lot with the crew at the fashion week. As a parting note, she shares, “I would like to add that it was an awesome experience working with the entire team of Dubai Fashion League. The makeup and hair team were so amazing, one of the best I’ve worked with. And it was amazing to be a part of a fashion week where some of the top designers were showcasing their collections and to get the kind of recognition and appreciate we got. The best part was that everyone became like one big family, partying and hanging out after the shows! Huge thanks to all the organisers at Masterpiece Events and Dubai fashion league for all their efforts and this lovely experience.”

Well, we are very happy for you Aanushka, and we hope to see you walking more international runways soon!Read more at:marieprom

Your marriage won't last if you do THIS on your wedding day

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Is there such thing as a secret to a happy marriage? Recently, Emma Bunton spoke about how her and Jade Jones managed to make their relationship work and stay madly in love for twenty years, but in terms of a clear answer – is there one way to ensure you and your other half go the distance?

Some may disagree, but one wedding photographer has decided to lift the lid on the couples that they have snapped over the years, and apparently what happens on the wedding day itself could be a good indicator…

(Photo:prom dresses online)

A Reddit thread posed the question: “What happened at a wedding that let you know the marriage was going to end in divorce?” and has had hundreds of replies. But it’s interesting to see that a wedding photographer under the name of Modern Day Cinderella has decided to impart their wisdom.

She explains that although there’s no sure-fire way to know, the big day can hold a LOT of clues about the success of the marriage.

Firstly, when it comes to cutting the cake, smushing it into your other half’s face is a no-no. Although many couples joke about it, this photographer muses that the act itself is “a huge tell for respect,” and that in doing so signifies much larger issues within the relationship.

(Photo:evening dresses)

Next up is fighting. Now, of course this sounds very obvious, but weddings can be very stressful, you’ve probably got 1,001 things on your mind and there’s not much time to step aside and take a breather. No one could blame a couple for having a bit of a bicker at some point or other.

But the issue comes with whether or not it gets resolved. Modern Day Cinderella says: “Almost all of my couples will hold grudges for at least the rest of the night, which in turn, ruins their images.

"I have to be the one that tells them, 'look, I know you're pissed at each other right now, but for the sake of your lifetime memories, fake that you like each other for the rest of the night.”

Finally, the biggest giveaway that there are tensions bubbling under the surface is the eruption of someone’s inner Bridezilla (or, of course, Groomzilla).

She says: "They refuse to let people help them, but then get pissed that nobody helps them.

"This tells me a lot about your personality and a lot of can be seen in your interaction with your significant other."

Fashion Designers

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Let’s talk about the Fall 2017 Collection you recently showed at NYFW. What inspired it?

PHILLIPE BLOND: For Fall 2017 we were inspired by an upcoming film, The Mummy, starring Sofia Boutella and Tom Cruise. It was all about the power of transformation and finding yourself.

DAVID BLOND: We collaborated with Universal Studios to create an experience of the main characters journey in the film through fashion.

You have been dominating the fashion scene for years. How do you keep it fresh and new?

PB: That’s the great thing about this business—it’s always changing. Every project or collection is different. We have many private clients as well that order special occasion pieces—from prom to bridal.

What is one thing you haven’t done with your brand that you would love to do?

DB: The Blonds will definitely expand into the fragrance and accessories market within the next few years.

Tell us about your partnership with Christian Louboutin.

PB: We have been long time friends and fans of Christian Louboutin and each season custom footwear is designed for the show.

Let’s talk Vegas. What are your favorite spots around town?

PB: The concerts are definitely a must see, especially Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears: Piece of Me, and of course Cher!

DB: There are several great things to see, including the original Las Vegas strip on Fremont and The Neon Museum.

You have worked with Britney Spears many times. What was it like?

PB: Working with Britney is always amazing, and we had a blast working on the Las Vegas show. The promotional aspects were incredible because images of her in one of our signature corsets was blown up to the size of Planet Hollywood!

Your emoji piece for Jennifer Lopez’s Las Vegas show was a big hit. How did that partnership come about? How did you come up with such a fun and interesting idea?

DB: We worked with her stylists’ Rob and Mariel on this project. Phillipe and I mix unusual themes and this piece was based on a collection inspired by Chola vs. Genie. It was for her Jenny From The Block segment.

How is it different designing for these two Las Vegas performers?

PB: Each client has their own personality, so other than technically designing and producing garments for the stage, each is completely unique.

How is the process different designing something for Las Vegas versus a tour or runway show?

DB: A Las Vegas show is really the same as a world tour because the volume is turned way up. The pieces need to be impactful and more is better!

PB: The difference between runway pieces and performance is the construction, because performance pieces have to be worn several times and they can take a beating. Runway is more experimentation, inspiration, and prototypes that will then be refined and developed into looks for clients.

The Blonds have designed for basically every pop diva out there. Who is one person each of you have not worked with that you would love to?

PB: Lana Del Rey or Diana Ross!

DB: Cher and Celine Dion!

What is next for The Blonds?

PB & DB: EVERYTHING!Read more at:plus size prom dresses | quinceanera dresses